To install DB4Sci at your site start with the demo install script. The demo install script installs the source code to /opt/DB4SCI and creates the administrative database in /opt/DB4SCI/admin_db.

Host and Storage

DB4Sci is developed on Ubuntu. Other Linuxes flavors might work but have not been tested. Build a host system with storage to support production databases; memory, core sizes, storage capacity, and storage throughput all affect the performance of databases. DB4Sci deploys databases to the same host which it runs on. Choose your hardware to match the capacity and the performance required to run your production databases. 2GB RAM and 8GB disk space is the bare minimum to get DB4SCI running.

Changing from demo mode to production requires configuring the software for your site. Demo mode is not secure. TLS keys and Active Directory need to be configured. Use your favorite text editor to complete the configuration of DB4Sci. The configuration file is located at /opt/DB4SCI/mydb/ You will need to know a few things about your local environment to complete the configuration.